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Trade Show Taps into Women's Active Market

Atendees Will Exercise Both Mind and Body


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The Snobette attends TRFEW

SHIAWASE LIFE shares her experiences at TRFEW



“This event was extremely well organized and fun! We left feeling empowered, educated and motivated. I attend many trade shows and the targeted vendor selection was excellent plus the vendors were very excited to be there too! Very unusual for most trade shows. Great event!”

“So appreciate all the conferences you put on. I learn so so much! Thank you.”

“The conference was great. Chicago is a great city for this event. I liked the extra classes and organized fitness options for us retailers.”

“The speakers were very engaging and the topics were so helpful for the small retailer.”

“These speakers were all very engaging and informative. I have not been to another conference that had as many good speakers as this one. Usually one or two, never all. Great job in choosing them!”

“This was a very good mix of vendors. I think there was plenty of time to shop the trade show floor. Great set up and great energy throughout the show.”

“Very organized. You guys know how to put on an event.”

“I think you have hit on something very necessary by making this event Running AND Fitness. You have opened it up to so many more types of retailers and vendors. It is such an important part of the market that can't be found all at one place until now. I can't wait to see how it grows.”

“I wish I had some comments to help improve, but I really thought it was one, if not the, best conferences I have attended, so it's hard to find ways to improve.”


“This event worked great for our company. We loved the amount of communications and information coming prior to the show. The list of buyers was crucial to our success. We worked the list prior to the show to set appointments and create a buzz around our product. Without that list it would have been a wait and see unknown. Our booth placement was wonderful with the other two Made in USA products. We had a fun energy and when it was slow...great conversation. The complimentary lunch was a FABULOUS addition. We as exhibitors often go countless hours without food is sometimes not available. Move in and out was extremely easy. Everyone from the CG was friendly and accommodating.”

“Yes I would recommend this to my business owner friends. I attend OR, Interbike and TRE as a buyer for my brick and mortar store. This was our first time as an exhibitor. I chose this event because it had a good blend of big brands and small "new" brands. I felt like the buyers could place orders or check in with the companies they already carry and still find the "new" items with the newer companies. Our brand would get lost in OR so this environment suited us just perfect.”



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Troy Leonard
Jeff Gruenhut
Katie O'Donohue
Jeff Nott
Sam Selvaggio
Mark Sullivan


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